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Plug the Leaks in Your Marketing Funnel.

What Conversion Rate Optimization Means

All marketing is like having water running through a business’ pipes. Conversion rate optimization is fixing the leaks in the plumbing. It’s tempting to just push buttons on a website and wait for the magic to happen. But improving conversion rate more than web design. Proper conversion rate optimization considers every part of your business.

Conversion rate optimization is analytics and experimentation. By evaluating and testing ad copy, page layouts, contact methods, targeting of advertising, and monitoring points of contact with customer support & sales it’s possible to find and fix the leaks in any marketing funnel.

Conversion Rate Audit

You cannot optimize what you do not understand. Conversion rate optimization starts with an assessment of all marketing efforts. Is advertising driving the people lead to the websites? Are landing pages in line with user expectation? Do listed phone numbers actually work?

Starting to “optimize” without knowing the answers to these questions and more risks missing areas for major improvement.

What Goes Into A  CRO Audit

  • Interview stakeholders to align business & marketing goals.
  • Choose the metrics that measure success.
  • Insure all analytics and tracking are in place for measurement.
  • Review the success (and failures of) current paid and organic advertising efforts.
  • Identify the ideal customer profile.
  • Examine the historical messaging.
  • Hypothesis changes to messaging, targeting, on-page optimization, design layout and offer
  • Test these hypotheses in real world A/B and multivariate experiments

By talking to stakeholders we can understand the conversion goals of a business. Once those goals are understood by collecting and reviewing marketing data, we can fix existing problems and account for variations between reports. These steps allow us to improve conversions holistically throughout a business

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