I’m a growth strategist with agency and entrepreneurial experience. I love helping companies build and launch products. My goal as a growth marketing consultant is to build products that make life better, get those products in front of those who want them while avoiding the traditional agency rhetoric.

I’m not trying to put agencies in the pejorative. At agencies (marketing & design) I’ve worked with great people who are masters in their fields, I’ve also seen a lot of snake oil sales from those only trying to make their next paycheck.

This consultancy is named Push ROI because I place return on investment at the center of any service I provide. Talking about social media and search trends is fun. But it is important to focus on the right channels, very few things in life are one size fits all. Many people use Facebook, but I wouldn’t recommend social media marketing to a proctologist.

Working with early stage startups, midsize businesses and brands (I’ll name a few because name dropping makes humans happy) including COVERGIRL, Gillette, Jack Daniel’s, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Chevy – In the last seven years, I’ve been involved in everything from the production of commercials, to user research and testing products.

Since listing keywords pleases both humans and algorithms; I’ve worked across user research, analytics development, public relations, video production, conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization and paid advertising. I’ve managed over $100 million in PPC across Google, Facebook, Twitter & other platforms.

I’m a former Board Member of the largest independent search engine marketing association in the United States. I’ve been an advisor to BLACKCERT by John Mcafee and have presented at Startup Week, Rocks Digital, Ignite, Imparture, and dozens of business groups.

I’ve published articles on Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Social Media Today, SiliconANGLE and others (no small achievement for a dyslexic guy).

Let’s work  together!