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Jon T. Norwood

Advisor & Board Member

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About Jon T. Norwood

Jon T. Norwood was part of the 2017 restructure of Push ROI, Inc. and served as a managing director between 2017 and 2019. Jon later shifted to an advisory position. As of late 2019 Jon maintains no seat on the board of directors or in the operation of Push ROI.

I began studying SEO in 1999 while acting as the marketing director for Vast Solutions, Inc., a pioneering wireless services provider. In 2004 when Google IPOed, I started my first search marketing firm.

I’ve been working full time at search engine marketing since that day in ’04. While I haven’t been optimizing web pages since SEO was born, I got started immediately after and SEO has been a primary focus of mine for more than a decade.

One of the many challenges I’ve encountered as an SEO consultant is re-educating clients after they have worked with another firm or SEO “guru”. Most of my clients have had a bad experience in the past and are rightfully cautious of someone claiming to be able to rank their site in search engines.

Many bad actors in this industry habitually over-promise and under-deliver; Until their clients inevitably fire them and move on thinking SEO is snake oil. That’s why Push ROI goes into great detail not only on how we can help but exactly what work we’ll do, and we share data from our many previous successes.

I wanted to develop a firm that provides the same services as the agencies I’ve worked with in the past. One that would be fully transparent about everything from our tactics to our billing practices. I wanted all this without sacrificing the service quality or the results my clients needed to grow their businesses.

When I met Mason and Joshua , they gave me the opportunity to work with them for a few months, and I quickly realized this was the right place for me. I merged my firm with Push ROI, and we have been growing ever since.