Virtual Reality Video Production

Capture Everything with 360-Degree Video

360-Degree, Virtual Reality Video Production

360-degree video goes by many names including Virtual Reality Video, Spherical, or Immersive Video. What makes this type of video unique is that the shots are recorded in every direction simultaneously using either a group of many cameras or a single omni-directional camera. When a user plays back a 360-video they have complete control of the view allowing for panning in any direction.

Push ROI has the Immersive video technology to allow for 360 live broadcasts. We can provide live HD video that gives the audience a perfect 360-view of the live event. This live video can of course also be produced and used again and again.

The entire field of play of your Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis or any other sport can be seen by your audience. The camera operator can control the viewing perspective and make sure the audience has great seats wherever they are. During playback the user will have the same control, even when streamed online.

01. Recording

Omnidirectional cameras and specialized rigs have been developed specifically for filming 360-degree video. Companies such as Nokia, GoPro, Samsung, Ricoh and more have all been working towards furthering this technology at a furious pace. Panoramic lenses have even been built for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4, and the 4s.

02. Compositing

Regardless of the camera or camera used the footage shot will be combined using a process known as video stitching. All footage is merged into a single video that is then color corrected and calibrated as needed to create a uniform experience for the user. Stitching can be performed by some cameras as well as by using specialized software that analyzes audio and video components and combines them.

03. Distribution

Typically, 360-videos are played back using a PC, smartphone or another mobile device. Users pan the videos using a mouse or by dragging the image on a phone. Smartphones can also use their gyroscope to pan the video by tilting the phone.

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