YouTube Audits


We start out with a detailed You Tube audit of your channel that includes breaking your content into groups and looking at analytics to see what viewers are watching, subscribing to, and what videos get the most engagement. We look at this data from the lens of 90 days, the last 365 and lifetime of the channel to see what success, failures, and trends we can build on.

Next, we look at your content on an individual video level to see how we can tweak your show format, storytelling, calls to actions, and overall video production. We work with you to figure out a schedule that will help your channel grow by giving YouTube what it wants; Regularly scheduled content, that provides value to a targeted audience.

Our third level includes best practices and optimization which usually revolves around titles, thumbnails, descriptions, tags, and Playlists. (This is where most people spend all their time)

Finally, we look at your competitors, trends, and do some proper keyword research to figure out what your audience wants and design a content plan to help you start creating.

How the YouTube Algorithm Works

  • Watchtime v Views
  • How Subscribers Help/Hurt Your Channel
  • Related Channels
  • Shareable Content Timeline
  • Video Series Mindset

Channel Analytics

  • Subscribers Growth
  • WatchTime v Videos Upload
  • Average View Duration
  • Traffic Sources
  • Engagement Ratio

Content Strategy

  • Show Format
  • Content Ideas Based on Tag/Trends Research
  • Content Calendar

Content Breakdown

  • Value Proposition
  • Hook / Introduction
  • Story / Content
  • Engagement Signals
  • Closing / Call To Actions

YouTube Optimization

  • Channel Layout (Profile, Art, Sections)
  • Channel Trailer
  • Thumbnails
  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Playlists
  • Cards / End Screens

Distribution Best Practices

  • Collaborations
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-Mail

Let us help you  find your audience.