YouTube Channel Management

Optimisation, Content Strategy, Testing, and Reporting

YouTube isn’t Just For Cat Videos Anymore.

The days of managing a channel because you know “inside secrets” or “algorithm hacks” are gone. YouTube Channel management has more to do with content strategy and A/B testing and less about stuffing metadata into tags and titles. Our teams experience in content strategy, video production, paid media buying, optimization for search, and community management come together in our YouTube Channel management. Even if we aren’t responsible for every aspect of a companies YouTube Channel, our comprehensive knowledge of all the aspect sets Push ROI apart from other service providers.


The first thing we do once we start working with a creator or brand is to complete an in-depth YouTube Channel Audit where we analyze what has worked in the past, what needs to be modified and figure out what your audience engages with the most.

Once we start to manage the channel, we organize it to increase your subscribers and make your value proposition clear by modifying the:

  • Channel Icon & Art
  • About Page
  • Channel Trailer
  • Creating New Playlists
  • Channel Layout
  • Description CTA’s

Content Strategy

When it comes to new content, we either work with your current production team or produce content for you based on the content strategy we created during the audit process. This content is shot in bulk so we can begin to schedule your content out, so your subscribers and more importantly the algorithm has a steady flow of new videos to promote to your potential audience.


We set up and run an in-depth A/B test to figure out what thumbnails work best for your audience and update all the public videos on your channel. We evaluate your library to see if we should optimize your older content with:

  • End Screens
  • Cards
  • Descriptions
  • Titles
  • Tags


During this process, we continuously prove ROI by creating monthly reports that recap what we did, how these changes affected organic traffic sources to the channel and what we will optimize moving forward.  Contact us to see samples of our monthly reports, audits,  quarterly analysis  & more.

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