Monthly Video Content Creation

The majority of video production companies start with two simple questions: What is the story you are trying to tell? And how much is your budget? They care about making pretty pictures, winning awards, and buying airtime for your commercial spot. To them, social media video means posting it to YouTube and getting millions of views because millions of people still watch traditional television in their minds. If this is the company you are looking for Push ROI is not a fit for you.

We started creating online video content when YouTube was a year old, and Netflix was still a mail-order DVD company competing with Blockbuster video. We understand that savvy online brands don’t need one great commercial to be successful online, they need a steady flow of video content that provides value, is on brand and designed for a targeted demographic. Digital video content needs to have a hierarchy in mind that brings new customers towards your brand through education, allows you to communicate your value, and demonstrate why you are the right brand for the viewer.

Push ROI will work with you to determine what your overall marketing goals are, who you want in your audience, build a multi-channel plan based on what makes sense for your company, and create content that is optimized on a per-platform basis that centers around your story.

Some examples of this could be B2B testimonials about a partnership that improves the quality of service for your customers, or 120 How-To videos about necessary home maintenance and repairs. Perhaps you need to get into potential customers faces and make them laugh the whole time while you are soft selling your new product. No matter what the goal is, our team can create the content that is right for you. 

Everyone on our video team has multiple skills sets. Our producers and director of photographers have over ten years experience creating online content and often are the ones in the edit bay creating your end product. We have proven this speeds up the project timeline, saves money because we hire people based on quality and the value the bring, not because we have one role that needs to be filled, and above all else, this ensures that the vision we created in pre-production stays true all the way through post-production.

Let us help you  find your audience.

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