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We Are Push ROI

Qsoft Consulting, L.L.C. +  Push ROI, Inc.

Some Web Assists From Qsoft Consulting, L.L.C. Are Now Owned By Push ROI, Inc.

About Push ROI

Push ROI is a digital forward ad agency with clients that have included large companies like Ralph Lauren, & L’Oréal, startups like Plex, Zabo, media companies like SiliconANGLE, and many more small businesses. Push ROI’s services center on digital marketing and video production including:

The Acquisition

Qsoft Consulting L.L.C. was a company in the management, scientific, and technical consulting services industry. Push ROI has not acquired Qsoft Consulting L.L.C.’s employees, customers, or services area. Push ROI. acquired only certain web assets from Qsoft Consulting L.L.C. Some can be seen visibly maintained on

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